#ThisisOUCampusRec: IM Sports

IM Sports are upon us! If you wish to play your favorite sport or need a fun way to stay active, then sign up and get on a team! Registration is done online at imleagues.com/Oakland. There is a $25 fee per team that is either refundable at the end of season, or can be simply rolled into the next sport you wish to play.

If you fear that you missed a deadline, it’s okay! You can still join a team while the season is in progress. We only ask that you sign up through IMleagues.com/Oakland and that you have played at least one game prior to playoffs. On average there are four games played before the playoffs.

When playoff season hits, captains will meet to determine the order of when each team will play. Captain meetings are held periodically, between Thursday and Sunday, to go over rules, regulations and dress code. Make sure you check out the Rec Center Facebook page for meeting reminders!

Along with keeping up to date with information provided through Facebook and IMleagues, you can follow us on Twitter, @REC*IT. Here you can stay connected with updates and instant messages from your fellow team players for additional meetings or self-organized practices.20150915_154448

If you want to brush up on your skills before you hit the field, participants are more than welcome to practice at the ROAC when the fields are not being occupied by Club Sports.

We’ve started flag football this week so get in gear and join us! If you aren’t particular in your sport of choice, you can register as a free agent on imleagues.com/Oakland and it will walk you through the steps to get you noticed and chosen by team captains who will make you part of their team. Registration for all sports is now open! Let’s Go Team!


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