Walk With Campus Leaders

This Fall semester, we are offering to all faculty, staff and students, a new experience that promotes casual conversation with several of our campus leaders. Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors and even the Chief of Police will lead a new program to get you on your feet called “Walk With Campus Leaders.” This will allow members of Oakland University, gain a better understanding of the individuals behind the scenes in creating such an exceptional university we all are lucky to experience.

The walks will begin at the Elliot Tower at 12:10pm and will typically last 30-40 minutes or as long as you have time for. Led by a different leader each time, walks are scheduled intermittently throughout September and into the first week of October. Coordinated by Stephanie Willis, she asks that conversations have the freedom to cover everything except office talk! Set at a time where students and staff are breaking for lunch, anybody and everybody can join in! This is meant to be light hearted, and encourage social mingling, making this a perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow OU faculty, staff, and both new and current OU students!

Weather permitting, all walks will be held outside, however on the rare, though still possible, occasion that there is rain, sleet or snow in the Fall, walks will be moved to the indoor track of the Rec Center.

Lets make this a fun and outgoing semester, with new friends and building connections!


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