#ThisisOUCampusRec: What’s New At The Rec?

A brand new semester brings new experiences, new friends, and new changes to the Rec Center!!  We have made significant updates to the equipment and policies these past couple months and it’s ready to be unveiled just in time for the Fall of 2015.  The fitness center has gotten a face-lift with brand new adductor and abductor machines, glute and hamstring machines, a double squat rack, new and heavier Kettlebells, battle ropes and… drum roll please… New Olympic Weight Lifting platforms and new bumper plates! These upgraded platforms coupled with the bumper plates, allow you to drop weights safely without damaging the floors or the equipment.  The platforms are only to be used with the bumper plates; regular weight plates are not to be used in combination with the platforms.

unnamed (2)To make room for these exciting new additions, a good portion of the cardio equipment has been relocated to the upper level, near Studio 919.  Experience your cardio routine in a different light this semester, getting a view from the top, with our stationary bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals now set at higher altitude, overlooking the grounds.  IMG_20150901_141807_708

Reconvening downstairs, you will notice that Court 3 has been turned into the new Cycle Studio
and Court 5 is now housing the TRX, rowers, punching bag and has been updated with added weights.  Here you will find the preloaded barbells which were previously located in the fitness center, bosu balls, medicine balls, and even more free weights!

TRX straps are available for check out at the Service Desk and there is no longer a required certification in order to use the equipment.  If you need guidance regarding TRX, refer to the TRX posters in Court 5, demonstrating the various exercises that can be done with the equipment.

What about GroupX?

Not to worry, there is plenty of GroupX to go around.  Classes are harder, better, faster and stronger this semester as we introduce early morning Bodyweight Bootcamp, Xtreme Fit, POUND, TRX Strength and more!  With our wide range of the hottest workout trends, we have over 50 GroupX classes to choose from.  Each class is taught by certified instructors ready to give you the workout of your life!

Personally, I like training alone…

Never fear, personal training is always here.  We’ve made a slight change in order to better suit our clients.  We now offer half hour sessions as opposed to just the 1 hour, if you are in a crunch for time or strapped for cash.  This allows for a more cost effective and efficient way to get in a full workout that is personalized to you.

We hope these changes will only enhance your experience at the Rec as we strive to provide you with a facility that embodies what it is to be strong, healthy and happy.  So check us out and let’s have another fun and active school year! Go Grizzlies!


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