Employee-Only GroupX: Get Fit at Work!

Looking for a way to burn calories while on the job? Keep your healthy lifestyle on track and avoid the greasy fast food lunch trap with a quick afternoon workout instead!

Just a few feet below, in Studio 897 of the Rec Center, an amazing class is offered exclusively to employees of Oakland University. This summer the Employee Only GroupX class is held on Wednesdays at 12:10 and provides a calorie-torching workout, free of charge! Led by the Fitness and Wellness Graduate Assistant, Erin Davidson, this class is catered to those who are in a crunch and have a limited time to catch a break from office work. This 50-minute cardio and strength training infused class has proven to be a great approach to refuel and refocus in order to tackle the rest of the day ahead!

Over the past several weeks, this unique class has thrived due to its positive environment and Davidson’s ability to tailor her workouts to reach a wide variety of fitness levels and goals. As a result, each week allows appropriate advances in difficulty in correlation with the students’ progression. Davidson changes it up each class offering a myriad of exercises engaging as many muscle groups as possible in different ways. Incorporating step-work, stability balls, resistant bands, and free-weights, the variety gives the body enough uncertainty to prevent any discouraging plateaus.

To maximize efficiency in just 50 minutes, Tabata workouts are included in almost every class. This technique focuses on four, 20-second active intervals, with a 10-second rest in between each set. The entire Tabata segment is done twice. This provides incredible calorie burn while still conserving time and energy to get through the rest of your workday.

Use this great opportunity to check out a free GroupX class while getting to know co-workers across campus!

In the Fall, we will be offering an Employee Friendly GroupX class with discounted prices before work, during lunch and after work. A wide array of classes will be offered including cycle, strength, Zumba, yoga and more. Pick up the GroupX schedule for more information on times and classes.


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