#ThisisOUCampusRec: Service Desk

The Service Desk is located downstairs, next to the Fitness center and across from Studio 897. It is not only here for your convenience, but also to enhance your workout experience. Make sure you have your Grizzly ID handy at the Service Desk, as you can use it for equipment check out, GroupX check-in, locker rentals, and more.

TherIMG_34111e are endless opportunities at the Service Desk, as a wide array of equipment can be rented out for free! Free equipment rentals include bosu balls, yoga mats, basketballs, volleyballs, jump ropes, foam rollers, and more. Certain items can also be checked out for a nominal fee, such as badminton and racquetball rackets*. With equipment rentals, the Service Desk makes it possible for you to tailor your workouts to your specific interests and goals.

Select equipment and merchandise items are also sold at the Service Desk. Make sure you check out the 20+ OU Campus Rec items available for purchase behind the desk, including t-shirts, swim goggles, water bottles, and protein bars to name a few**.

Aside from equipment check-out and merchandise purchasing, there are numerous other features of the Service desk that you can take advantage of.

IMG_34151If you are interested in taking a GroupX or Mind-Body yoga class at the Rec, not only will the Service Desk sell you a FitPass, but it is also the place that you will regularly check in for GroupX classes.

Remember to keep your gear safe during your workout by renting combo Master Locks for $0.50 to use on Day Use lockers. If you are interested in renting a locker*** in the men’s or women’s locker room, you’ll want to stop at the Service Desk the next time you are at the Rec Center. The IMG_34131attendant on duty will assist you in the rental process.

The Service Desk is also responsible for Racquetball and Wallyball Court reservations. Court reservations**** may be made 24 hours in advance at the Service Desk or by calling (248) 370-4514.

IMG_34161For any purchases made at the Service Desk, whether it’s registering for a FitPass or buying a sweet “This Is OU Campus Rec” shirt, please keep in mind that the Service Desk only accepts cash or checks. There is an ATM conveniently located by the front doors of the Rec Center for any merchandise purchasing. FitPasses may be purchased at the Welcome Center using a credit/debit card.

*For a complete list of equipment available for checkout, visit us at: http://wwwp.oakland.edu/campusrec/recreation-facilities/rec-center/ and click on the “Equipment Checkout and Rental” tab.

**For a complete list of merchandise available for purchase, visit us at: http://wwwp.oakland.edu/campusrec/recreation-facilities/rec-center/ and click on the “Equipment Sales” tab.

***For more information on Locker Rentals, visit us at http://wwwp.oakland.edu/campusrec/recreation-facilities/rec-center/ and click on the “Lockers” tab.

****For a complete list of Racquetball Court reservation policies, visit us at http://wwwp.oakland.edu/campusrec/recreation-facilities/policies/ and click on the “Gyms” tab.IMG_34081


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