#ThisIsOUCampusRec: Nutrition Consultations

The Rec Center provides opportunities for employees to nail down their fitness goals and improve their health through the help of nutrition consultations. Debra Cavender, RD is the on-sight consultant who will create a personal health-plan that is specific to your needs. She will help you gain the understanding of the science on how appropriate nutrition works with your body in order to experience increased energy, alertness and weight loss. It has been found that many health issues can be improved by developing correct eating habits and can avoid expensive medications and trips to the doctor’s office. Nutrition Consultations are available for OU Benefits Eligible Employees by appointments only. The consultation lasts a duration of 45 minutes and no cost to you! Summer 2015 dates of consultations are June 10th, July 7th, July 28th and August 11th and will be held in the Conference room at the Rec.

Be Well Points+ Members earn 10 points per consultation.

Nutrition Consultation Cancellation Policy: Any employee wishing to cancel their appointment must do so within 48 hours of their scheduled appointment time.  Cancellations may be made by calling Stephanie Willis at 248.370.4968 or email at willis@oakland.edu with no penalty.  Any persons making a cancellation less than 48 hours in advance will be prohibited from booking another nutrition consultation for 6 months past the date of their original appointment. 



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