NEW Employee Spotlight: Crystal Ryan

Crystal started working at the Rec as a Member Services Attendant just this past April. She recently finished up her Sophomore year at OU studying Communications. Crystal shared with us her favorite things so far at the Rec Center and some things she hopes to learn down the road.

Why did you want to work at the Rec?

I knew people that worked here and it seemed like a nice job.

Why did you choose Communications as your major?

My mom helped me choose it, but the reason that I ended up choosing it is because I am a people person and I like to help people with their situations. I also like social media & marketing and how it helps boost a company’s name. I want to be the person to boost a company’s name whether it’s Ford or Adidas.

What is your favorite part so far about working at the Rec?

The people that come in and work out.

What transferrable skills have you learned so far or do you hope to learn that will help you in your future?

Technology skills – working with the computer system, and communication skills.

What are your favorite activities at the Rec?

I like the stair stepper and I like Zumba – I took the class here. I like to work out with friends on the bikes down in the fitness center and just hang out.

When you are not at the Rec, what are some things you like to do?

Shopping, spending time with friends and family, and traveling (to Texas and Florida to visit family)

What are you looking forward to?

Moving into my sorority house in the fall.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I snort when I laugh.


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