5th Annual Employee Poker Walk


Witches of Wilson Hall

The 5th annual Poker Walk was held last Wednesday, May 20th, at Oakland University Campus of Recreation.  Covering a one-mile loop on Campus, with free admission for OU employees, 350 attendees had shown up to participate.

With the invitation to dress to impress, many had formed teams displaying a unique theme. The opportunity to showcase creativity as well as starting the year off active are just some of the reasons why people look forward to this event each year. Teams from all walks of life were present from the Witches of Wilson Hall bringing along their original team jingle, to the Royal Flushes equipped with a plunger.  The Macomb Safari and the Monopoly themed School of Business also made an appearance, taking advantage of the opportunity to showoff their costumes and spending time with their co-workers.


Royal Flush

“It’s great to see everyone out of the office and bring in some creativity,” states the team. “All our costumes are made from scratch,” a team member revealed, as her giant decorative candy cane had been wrapped in black duct tape to resemble the cane   of Rich Uncle Pennybags.

Along with walking a mile decked out in exceptional attire, teams and solo walkers were able pick up numbered poker chips along the way to turn in at the end to receive a prize. Let me just say that it was worth the extra mile that day, since OU hoodies, jackets, hats, water bottles and gym bags were just a few of the quality prizes that were offered.


Macomb Grizzly Safari

To top it off, participants were able to get pictures taken in front of the Grizz statue. When it came to the Macomb Safari posing with binoculars at the ready, “Grizz spotted” made for a Kodak moment.

With endless activities, this made for a wonderful way to kick of the summer in a fit and healthy way.  Food trucks were available throughout the day and the duration of the event was 2 hours. Special thanks goes to Becky Lewis, Stephanie Willis and Kelsey Zuchowicz for organizing such a creative and exciting event.


SBA Monopoly


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