#ThisIsOUCampusRec: GroupEx

This week, we’ll take a look at the GroupEx classes that OU Campus Rec has to offer and how you can get involved.

Whether you are looking for a consistent workout routine or you just want to have fun with your friends, OU Campus Rec offers a weekly schedule of group exercise classes and a variety of mind/body fitness classes for physical activity, stress management, and social interaction. A variety of class formats are provided to challenge fitness enthusiasts at any level.

Designed to provide a balanced workout regimen, the Group Exercise class schedule provides a variety of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility workouts from which to choose.

DSC_0124How to participate? GroupEx classes are free to all currently registered students and paying members. You can inquire at the Service Desk or Welcome Center to obtain the free semester pass on your Grizz ID. The only exception to the free classes is Mind/Body (yoga), where students and paying members must purchase a Mind/Body FitPass (you may also inquire and purchase this pass at the Welcome Center or Service Desk). Benefit-eligible OU employees must purchase a FitPass for all the classes on the schedule.

Check out our Summer 1 GroupEx Schedule! Click on the image to see larger.

Once your unlimited GroupEx pass is registered to your Grizz ID, the Welcome Center (before 11am) or Service Desk (after 11am) will check you into the class of your choosing. There are 28 classes per week for you to choose from that can coordinate with your schedule. Click here for the most updated Group Exercise schedule.

Classes we offer:

Check out our Summer 2 GroupEx Schedule! Click on the image to see larger.

OU Campus Rec offers a variety of GroupEx classes: FFL Cardio, FFL Tai Chi, Total Body Sculpt, Cycle, Zumba, Step Interval, TRX, Dance Strength combo; Abs, Glutes & Thighs; Belly Dancing, Yoga

Here’s just a few examples of what each class entails. For more information, please visit our website.

TRX: All core, all the time; suspension training is the latest in functional exercises. Engage all your muscles with this non-stop 45-60 minute TRX workout. Build overall strength and endurance, balance, and flexibility with this total body workout. All fitness levels welcome.

Total Body Sculpt: A high-energy, total body toning workout with cardio bursts throughout! Upbeat music and challenging yet doable exercises to get you in the best shape for spring. Set your goals high because this class is designed to push you as an individual. All fitness levels welcome.

Cycle: Take a ride on the bike for improved cardiovascular fitness. Cycle through sprints, jumps, climbs, and isolations to get your blood pumping.

Zumba: Complete FUN! Latin inspired dance that will keep you moving for a great moderate intensity cardio workout.105_4774

Yoga (Mind/Body $): Focus on improving strength, balance, flexibility, circulation, and inner peace using traditional yoga poses and sequence.

Group Exercise Instructors are CPR/AED and First Aid certified, and many hold nationally recognized group fitness certifications.



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