Cricket, Oakland’s Summer Only Sport

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, dating back to the 18th century. Even though there has been consistent participation for Cricket in the United States dating back to British colonial times, Cricket is hardly a blip in the US sports radar.  Oakland University notices Cricket in much the same way, however, the university has had a strong Cricket team dating back to 2002.

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The Cricket Club of Oakland Univeristy, or CCOU, “is one of the oldest teams in MichCA and has competed in the league every year so far”, Rammanoj Gunturi, Cricket Club President, tells us.

MichCA stands for Michigan Cricket Association and involves cricket teams into three levels. Oakland finds itself in the second division, T20, but has competed in the first division, F40, in the past. “We had two inter university championships (in 2007-2008); in 2007 we won Division 1 F40 Trophy in Great Lakes Cricket Club (GLCC)” explains Gunturi.

In the MichCA, there are 30 teams with our own Cricket Club competing in 15 games from May to September, making Cricket the only strictly summer sports club at Oakland University.

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Gunturi provides a brief description to us about the game of Cricket.

Cricket involves two teams with eleven players on each side, with two innings in a game (batting & bowling). The Captain who wins the coin-toss decides whether to bat or bowl. If his team bats first, their aim is to score more runs, and make sure opponent team does not reach that score. If he chooses to bowl first, he should finish innings of his opponent with a low score and his team should cross that score. More elaborated rules and regulations are in our Facebook page “Cricket Club at Oakland University”.

You can also check out this video from Slate to see a brief overview of the game.

The Cricket club practices three times a week during those summer months and there is no experience necessary to get involved and start playing Cricket. If you wish to have more information about practice or have questions about the club, you can contact Ram at (734) 431-8107 or email –


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