#ThisIsOUCampusRec: Summer Bike Loan

Bike-loanLooking for an easier way to get around campus? Look no further than OU Campus Rec, we’ve got bikes to loan.

The Bike Loan program is sponsored by Student Congress, the Division of Student Affairs, University Housing and Campus Recreation; and it is designed for students who wish to check out a bike for a semester. 100 Schwinn bikes have been purchased and will be available for check out at the Recreation Center.

The Bike Loan is available for anyone with access/membership to the Recreation Center, so it is not limited to just students. Faculty, staff, and community members who have purchased a Recreation membership are also able to enter in the drawing for a Summer Bike Loan.

Want a bike? Here’s how you can get one: Bikes will be distributed based on a lottery spin. To get on the bike loan lottery list register your name here beginning May 4, 2015. Names can also be added to the list in person at the Welcome Center at the Rec. The deadline to get on the list is May 18, 2015 at midnight, so make sure you stop by to sign up!

Everyone who enters to be on the lottery list by the deadline has an equal chance of being awarded a bike for the semester. Placement on the list has no bearing on odds of being selected. The selection will be done through a random lottery spin.

The lottery spin will take place on Tuesday May 19, 2015 and winners of the bike loan lottery will be notified by the end of the day on May 19. Bike pick up will be begin on Wednesday, May 20 and instructions for picking up the bike will be included in the email. Bikes are due back on or before August 20, 2015.

Even the Grizz uses the Bike Loan Program!

Important Information:

  • Included in the no cost check out will be the bike and a lock. Students will receive an information sheet when they check out the bikes with the expectations of the program.
  • Normal repairs will be covered by the program.
  • Out of Pocket repairs made by the bike loan participant will not be reimbursed.
  • If a bike is in need of repair, it should be returned to the Recreation Center.

Bike Loan Rules

  1. Everyone is advised to ride with caution to maintain a safe cycling environment.
  2. Use of bicycles is at the risk of the individual.
  3. Reckless behavior, unsafe speed or stunts are prohibited.
  4. Destruction and abuse of bicycles is prohibited.
  5. Use of protective helmets is recommended.
  6. Bicycles should not be locked with lock provided.
  7. Wearing headphones in both ears while riding a bicycle is not recommended.
  8. Cyclists must obey all traffic signs and signals.

DSC_0342Bike Rack Locations

  • George T. Matthews Apartments
  • Hamlin Hall
  • Hill House
  • Kresge Library
  • O’Dowd Hall
  • Pawley Hall
  • Recreation and Athletics Center
  • South Foundation Hall
  • University Student Apartments (all buildings)
  • Vandenberg Hall
  • Van Wagoner House
  • Wilson Hall/Meadow Brook Theatre

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