OU Campus REC Alumni Panel

On April 2nd, we hosted the 2015 Rec Center Alumni Panel. Current Oakland University students were able to network, ask questions, and receive tips from the panel of OU Campus Rec alumni. Our group of professionals included: Chelsea Kachaterian, Senior Associate of Digital Advertising Technology and Activation Group; Katie Hoenle Lonczynski, registered nurse for labor and delivery; Meghan Jackson, Supervisor and Senior Physical Therapist at OMPT Specialists; Jackie Lyons Taylor, kindergarten teacher; Stacey Bruwer, Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions; and Travis Lyons, Senior IT Server Engineer.
Panel Questions and Answers:
Q: If you could go back, what would you change about your experience at OU?
Stacey: I would join more student organizations! Just be more involved and active on campus.
Meghan: I would live on campus. I was a commuter and I feel like I missed out on a huge portion of the college experience.
Travis: I would have not rushed as fast as I did to get through college. I took summer classes every year and I graduated in three years. So really, don’t be in a rush to be done so quickly.
Q: What is the best kept secret at Oakland University that you discovered?
Stacey: The Career Services Office. I never used the career services around here, I thought my resume was the bomb, but actually I just went there two weeks ago to have my resume looked at. So definitely look into that.
Megan: The history here is so fascinating. People everywhere are actually really fascinated by our school when they learn more about our background. So find out about our history.
Katie: Absolutely, look at our history and definitely go and tour the mansion as well.
Q: How did you feel that your experience working in Aquatics (or the Rec) applies to your new position? Any transferrable skills that you learned here?
Travis: The biggest thing you’re going to get out of working in your job here is that you’re working with people. In any position that you have, you have patrons coming in wanting to do things their way and learning how to deal with that in a positive way is the biggest thing you will get out of this job.
Chelsea: I think that communication is a big part of working here as well as adaptability. You have to be ready for anything and being able to do that speaks volumes in terms of job responsibility.
Megan: How to interact with my staff and how to talk to them is something that I really learned from being a building manager. I really took away those skills of interacting with someone.
Katie: I would say teamwork too. In any job, you have to know that you got each other’s back. You have to know the people on your team. Who you can rely on? Who might slack? You have to know your team.
Stacey: Customer service. There will always be people that you like and some people that you may not like. So having a job where you interact with those different types of people is a good thing.
The Alumni Panel was a great networking opportunity for current OU Campus Rec students. They were able to see the progress that Oakland University Alumni made after graduation. Additionally, students got to see how working at the Rec changed each member of the panel and how impacted their current careers. The group of professionals were able to expand on topics such as their current jobs, career advice, and past Rec anecdotes. Overall, the panel was a great opportunity for current students to hear about life after graduating Oakland University.


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