Heart Month

How important is our heart? How much do we really know about heart health? Well we found out during Heart Month last February! OU Campus Rec Employee Wellness, and the AP Assembly decided to celebrate Heart Month by hosting an event including the American Heart Association and Rochester Hills Fire Department. Representatives from The American Heart Association gave a special presentation to over 50 guests that were in attendance. They explained how to give hands only CPR in case of an emergency. Why hands only? The American Heart Association explains that in an emergency situation, performing compressions only (versus the compressions with mouth-to-mouth) is more helpful than doing nothing at all. More individuals tend to shy away from performing CPR in an emergency because they are uncomfortable with the mouth-to-mouth portion or resuscitation. Guests were able to learn the correct CPR procedures using compressions, in addition to practicing on mannequins provided by the Rochester Fire Department. Guest speaker, David Charlton,was also present to share his personal experience about how he was able to save a man’s life using CPR.. It is important to be prepared for health emergencies because they could happen anywhere. “Every person should take the time to become aware of CPR procedures, because you never know when you or a family member may find yourself in an emergency situation. ,” said Wellness Coordinator, Stephanie Willis. Representatives also spoke about Heart Disease Awareness because many people know that it is the #1 killer of both men and women. That is why it is important to learn about healthy heart habits and CPR! Keep in mind that the REC Center also provides full CPR trainings on a regular basis. Information on classes, cost, and sign-up can be found on the Campus Recreation website.

Check out these event photos from the Red Carpet photo area!


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