DIII Hockey Players Selected for USA National Team to Play in Europe

Division 3 hockey players Kyle Gagnon, Zac Massa, AJ Rosales, and Alex Zakucia were selected to play against teams in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Slovenia representing the United States for our D3 Selects national team.

“We played 6 games” says Massa, ” 1 in Athens, GA, 1 in Switzerland, 1 in Austria, 1 in Slovakia, 1 in Slovenia, and also 1 in Germany”.

The players were originally selected to play in a ten team tournament in Philadelphia for their league’s All-Star team back in January of 2014.  Massa explains, “from those 10 teams, coaches and league officials chose 23 players to represent the American Collegiate Hockey Association and USA in Europe in December-January 2015.”

“Every two years they take a team to go over to Europe and play like we did”, says Rosales and each player selected from Oakland University this year is hopeful to try for that national team spot next time around.

The team completed their international circuit with a record of three wins, one tie, and two losses by overtime shootouts only. If an Overtime Shootout occurs, coaches select three players to take penalty shots one at a time against the opposing goaltender. This decides who wins in the event of an overtime. This is a phenomenon almost exclusive to international play.

Back at home, the D3 hockey team is stomping the competition with 24 wins, 4 ties, and 1 loss. With a few home games left, you can check them out at the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield Hills. Their schedule can be found by clicking this text.


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