W. Lacrosse Player Wins Preseason Player of the Year Award

Lindsay Barrett has been playing lacrosse for the last ten years. Two of those years has been with the spectacular women’s lacrosse club at Oakland University.

In those two short years, the graphic design major has been noticed for her skills on the field having won both the First Team Division II All-American and the First Team Division II All-League awards in 2014.

This year, she has gained even more recognition by being nominated by The Lacrosse Magazine for the WCLA Division II Preseason Player of the Year Award.

Barrett explains “The Lacrosse Magazine compiles a list of athletes whom they have deemed promising for the upcoming season”, and then “from this list, Lacrosse Magazine hosts a poll to elect the fan favorite preseason player of the year”.

When asked about how she received her nomination, Barrett had this to say:

In my opinion, my nomination is a reflection of the team. The players and coaches work very hard throughout the preseason and season to be able to compete at a national level. My nomination is a testament to how hard the team trains. With Oakland being a commuter school, our roster typically consists of ten less players than people we compete against nationally. Our small numbers provide extra motivation to work harder to compete against larger teams and the outcome has been a close knit team all competing for the same goal. I feel honored to lead this team as a captain and to represent them as Pre-Season Player of the Year.

Barrett blew every competitor out of the water having received over ten thousand votes (her closest competitor had a measly three thousand votes).

Even though Barrett has won an amazing award, she stays humble and says “each season our team makes a promise to each other to ignore the personal awards in order to achieve the main team goal, to win the National Championship”.

The women’s lacrosse club has won their Conference Championships every year since 2007 and looks to make their 6th appearance in the WCLA Division II National Championship hosted in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For a complete schedule of their eight home matches on the new turf fields on campus, visit www.oaklandwomenslax.com. You can also like their Facebook page here for home match details.


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