Tennis Club Grows Into Two Teams

Having boosted recruitment numbers to 30 members this past year, the Tennis club had to develop a second team. Now, the Tennis Club has a low cost recreational team, and a slightly higher cost, traveling, competitive team.

Comparison of the two teams:


  • Travel around the state and Midwest playing teams like Michigan State, Purdue, Saginaw Valley, Notre Dame, and Grand Valley.
  • Participate in club activities such as:
    • Attend pistons games
    • Team Dinners
    • Indoor Practice at Lifetime
  • Must try-out to get in
  • Dues are $80


  • Practice your tennis game
  • Meet new people
  • Participate in club activities such as:
    • Attend pistons games
    • Team Dinners
    • Indoor Practice at Lifetime
  • Dues are $60

Tennis Club President, Adriane Brillantes, has high hopes for the incoming members, “We took in nine new players on our travel team who are exceptional players, as well as amazing people. Six of those players are freshmen that I believe could be our upcoming ambassadors for our club in the future”.

Last fall, Tennis was able to attend three tournaments in the Midwest region: The Hope College Tournament in Holland Michigan, The Wisconsin Badger Classic in Madison Wisconsin, and The Bulldog Beat Down in Big Rapids Michigan.

“I’m very happy with my team this year and the squad that I have has to be the best group we’ve had in the history of the club.” says Brillantes.

Next semester, the Tennis Club will be attending Sectionals in Wisconsin and playing in tournaments at Grand Valley and Saginaw Valley.

If you are interested in joining the Tennis Club (always looking for more recreational team members) get in contact with them via Email at Or you can join their Facebook group page and click attending on the events and post in if any questions arise.

The officers of the club allow new members to try out the club for a week free and then new members must start paying their dues otherwise they cannot join the club.


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