The Ultimate Sport is Now a Club Sport. Say Hello to Ultimate Frisbee.

You read it right, Ultimate Frisbee is now a Club Sport at Oakland University and is taking on members to be a part of their team.
Currently, the club is in its semester long introductory phase meaning they are not able to receive direct funding at the moment, but that isn’t stopping them from making great strides in getting a team together.
“We have 19 members and a coach” says Moustapha Diab, the club’s Treasurer, “We will be competing in the USA Ultimate College Division in January 2016. However, we will be competing in local tournaments during spring and fall 2015”, Diab continues.
The team regularly practices on the new Outdoor Recreation Super Fields, but has been moved inside due to weather conditions.
Fact bullets for those interested in joining:
  • Practice in the Activity Center – Fridays 3:30 pm-6 pm and Sundays 11 a m-1 pm.
  • Dues are $20 per semester, the money goes towards buying equipment (disks and training equipment) and dome rentals.
  • You should contact the president Kyle Jones at about joining.
Ultimate Frisbee

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