Supporting Men’s Health with Mustaches


The men’s rugby club is replacing November in their calendars with Movember.

Movember was developed by The Movember Foundation to encourage men to grow out their mustaches for the entire month of November to spark conversations about men’s health and raise funds to save and improve the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

“As a sports player, men’s health has a huge importance for me. To grow a mustache for Movember is like wearing a mouthguard in a rugby game; you must have it so you can tackle what is facing you. Prostate cancer is the team you don’t want to lose against, and to tackle it, you have your teammates with their mustaches.” Mickael Halin

The Rugby Club has gathered a group of 9 of their teammates and has raised 76$ out of the 100$ goal for the month.

This is the first year that the men’s rugby club is participating in Movember. “[It] is a fun and interesting way to promote men’s health. Also, who doesn’t love a good mustache!” says captain D.J. Pinneo.

Help support the cause by clicking the link below:


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