OU Campus Rec: Street Team

The intent of the street team and Recreation Ambassador program is to train DCR student employees on how to properly represent and promote the purpose, programs, services  and memberships offered by the department of Campus recreation. Through Participating in these program students will gain resume building skills as well as be able to implement new ideas/techniques for marketing promotions.
There are currently 28 DCR student employees on this years street team! 6 of which are Ambassadors.
Our Street Team Intern, Christina Luczak said, ” The street team has been doing awesome so far! I love everyone’s energy and enthusiasm about their events. Now that welcome week and homecoming are over, we are definitely not as busy as we have been, but I am so excited about the rest of the semester because a few of my favorite ambassador events are coming up (Employee Benefits & Wellness Fair; Go for the Gold). This will give the current ambassadors a chance to interact with employees and future students, so I am really looking forward to that.”
If you are interested in being on the Street team please contact Morgan Roberts at mmroberts@oakland.edu.
streetteam1 streetteam2 streetteam3 streetteam4

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