Walking For A Cure: Maura Selahowski (Follow-up)

On August 17,  Maura Selahowski, Assistant Director of Marketing and Business Operations, completed the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk. She walked in memory of her sister, who passed away ten years ago from breast cancer. I think I can speak for everyone at the Rec and say that we are so incredibly proud of her.

Maura said it was “an awesome experience. People came out to cheer on all the walkers. Everyone was so kind.”

I asked Maura if she would participate in the walk again next year. Her answer? “Probably, yes!”

Maura is going to begin fundraising again soon. The minimum amount that a participant needs to raise in order to walk is $2,300. Maura raised $4,765!

“If that money helps one family not have to go through what my sister went through, it’s worth it all. It helps.”

Maura has shared some of her favorite photos from the event with us. Once again, we are SO proud of you Maura.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

photo 3

photo 5

Click here to read the original article.


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