Recreation Leadership Council

Recreation Leadership Council is beginning to plan for the school year. I got the chance to talk to the e-board to find out what students can look forward to if they become active members of the club!

The e-board includes..

Charlotte Budd – President

Christina Luczak – Vice President

Gretchen McNitt – Secretary

Dakota Gordon – Treasurer

The overall goal of the e-board  this year is to increase student participation by getting more students actively involved.

Why should students get involved with RLC?

  • To gain leadership experience
  • Make memories and meet students from different departments
  • To learn about Department of Campus Recreation
  • To enhance a resume
  • To help students with future endeavors and events that they will experience throughout the rest of their college experience and beyond

What does Recreation Leadership Council have planned for this year? The E-Board said meeting dates will be determined based on a poll of when the most students can attend. They hope to have at least one fundraiser.  Ideally, they will adopt a family during the holidays. The e-board would like to plan a social during the fall and winter and have an end of the year ‘thank you’ event for all members.

This summer, the e-board was supposed to travel to other university Campus Recreation Centers. It fell through, so they are hoping to make the trip this fall.

Charlotte, RLC President, said her personal goals include increasing active membership, accomplishing the e-board members’ goals, and making sure everyone is enjoying their time with Recreation Leadership Council. She said, “I would like for everyone to be a tight knit group, work together, and have fun, all while being a successful club, completing tasks, and getting work done!”

Get involved this year! Learn more about RLC at Staff Training August 26-28.


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