How To Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Life

I spend a majority of my day at work. When I get home, all I want to do is rest. But I know that I need to get some physical activity in. My job consists of sitting in front of a computer. I post on Facebook. I tweet. I blog. But when do I get to get some movement in?

Here are some ways I’ve found to get some activity in, even when it seems like your schedule doesn’t allow for it.

  1. Exercise during the commercials of your favorite show

Think about it. If you watch an hour long program, the show is actually only 40 minutes. That means you can exercise for 20 minutes, broken up.

  1. Walk or bike to the store.

Trying to make BBQ chicken and salad for dinner and you realize you’re all out of a key ingredient?  Walk or bike to the store! Obviously not everyone can do this, but if you live close enough to the grocery store, give it a try.

  1. Get in the groove.

You would be surprised how far a killer playlist can go. Make a killer playlist and go for an evening walk. A little activity is better than no activity.

  1. Exercise BEFORE work.

Obviously this is easier said than done. Wake up a little bit early and get your exercise in before you head into the office (Make sure you shower before you go though).  I’ve tried it recently, and I found  that I went into work feeling refreshed, energized, and ready for the day!

  1. Find something you enjoy.

You’ll be much more determined to actually exercise if you actually enjoy what you’re doing. Not a big fan of really intense, sweaty Crossfit classes? Try yoga or pilates. Hate running on the tread mill, but love running? Try running outside. There are SO many options out there. You just need to find one that suites  you.

Hopefully these ideas help you fit exercise into your busy schedule!



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