Walking For A Cure: Maura Selahowski


Recreation Center Assistant Director Maura Selahowski lost her sister to breast cancer ten years ago. This year, in memory of her, Maura will be walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. Starting on August 15, she will walk 60 miles.

She won’t be walking alone. Maura will be walking along side a former Recreation Center student employee, Sarah Minard. Sarah has been participating in the 3-Day walk for the past 10 years, in honor of Maura’s sister.

Every walker must raise $2,300 to participate. Maura has raised almost $5,000.

Maura has been training on her own.  She has attended a couple training sessions with groups of 50-60 women. One woman who has participated in the 3-Day walk before gave her a bit of advice. “Don’t feel bad if you don’t finish. It’s really about raising money for cancer research. Sometimes people think you’re a failure if you don’t finish but your real commitment is raising the money. That’s what’s important.”

Maura is incredible excited and terrified at the same time. She said, “I’m hopeful I can do it.”

The route has not been announced yet, but there is an opening ceremony on Friday August 15. The walkers will then walk 20 miles, with pit stops on the way. That night they will camp out. There will be food, activities, and hot showers available to participants. Saturday, participants will walk 20 miles and camp out again. On Sunday, they will walk the final 20 miles and attend a closing ceremony.

Maura’s final thoughts? “If the amount of money I’ve raised saves one person or family from going through what my sister went through, it’s worth every single step.”

We wish her the best of luck as she partakes in a life-changing three days!


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