Why should I join an intramural sport this fall?

We’re here to help you answer that question!  We surveyed 207 intramural sports participants to find out more about how playing the sport has impacted their social life, grades, fitness, and more!

Here’s a breakdown of group we surveyed:


IM Statistics 1-01


IM Statistics 2-01

Race / Ethnicity:

IM Statistics 3-01

About half of the survey participants lived on campus, and most of the students worked between 11-20 hours per week.

Fall sports include sand volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis singles, table tennis, flag football, OU Fit Challenge, 4-player volleyball, dodgeball, and 3-on-3 Grizzy Shootout! Winter sports include racquetball, badminton, table  tennis, indoor soccer, basketball, bowling, floor hockey, and more!

So through all of this, what did we learn?

IM Infographic 1 IM Infographic 2 IM Infographic 3 IM Infographic 4

One student commented, “I love our program and how much it has grown the past four years that I have been here, and I personally cannot wait to see the next year and how amazing it will be.”

Playing an intramural sport offers students a way to meet other students and stay active! Consider joining a team this fall.

For a full list of intramural sports and more information, click here.

For a full list of club sports and more information, click here.


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