Oakland University Employee Team: The Road to the Brooksie Way

The 7th annual HealthPlus Brooksie Way is being held this year on Sunday September 28. Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson started the Brooksie Way races in honor of his late son, Brooks Stuart Patterson,  to encourage people to be more physically  active.  The proceeds from the races support programs that encourage healthy lifestyles through Brooksie Way MiniGrants. These MiniGrants have given more than $50,000 back into Oakland County communities.

There are many races and activities, so there’s something for everyone. If running isn’t your thing, you can volunteer at the events.

This is the first year that there has been an official “Oakland University Employee Team”.  To prepare, the team has been running together. Each member is free to walk, jog, or run at their own pace, but the team works together to encourage one another.

The Brooksie Way as their own training program, but they are being extremely helpful and working well with the OU Employee training program that Stephanie Willis, Wellness & Educational Outreach Coordinator here at the Rec, has put together. There are 29 faculty and staff members from various departments across campus participating.

The team is divided into three different groups – a walking group, a morning running group, and an evening running group. The walking group walks for 45 minutes, with no set location 0r time goal. The running groups are doing interval training (run for 1.5 minutes, walk for 3 minutes, repeat). All participants have been preparing for the 5K race since June 30.

employee team brooksie way 1 employee team brooksie way 2


employee team brooksie way 3

Stephanie leads the evening running group. She has 15 people in her group, and she is very pleased with how the program is going.

She said, “There have been good, positive comments from everyone. They’re all having fun. I’m impressed with everyone’s commitment to the program. Running together makes it more fun for everyone!”

The Brooksie Way is just one of the many ways Oakland University employees stay fit and give back to the community!  For upcoming Employee Wellness programs, please visit the website or Facebook page.


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