Charlotte’s Disney Adventure

Welcome Center attendant and Recreation Leadership Council President, Charlotte Budd, had the opportunity of a lifetime when she was selected to be a part of the Disney College Program this past winter.

On January 16, Charlotte flew down to Orlando to begin a life-changing four months. As an intern, she worked two attractions and Hollywood studios. She worked “Lights, Motors, Action” Extreme Stunt Show and the Studio Back Lot Tour. She worked 40+ hours a week plus took 8 credits.

Why Disney? Charlotte knew people who had done the program when she was in high school. It happened to work with her schedule for the Winter 2014 semester. She applied and got in. She didn’t second guess it and just went for it.


Charlotte learned a lot about how Disney operates as a company, about customer services, and different backgrounds. Most importantly, though, she learned a lot about herself.

“I had never lived on my own before. I had never left Rochester. I went to Adams High School and attend OU. As embarrassing as it is, I didn’t even know how to do my laundry before. I had always lived with my parents. It was a huge growing experience.”

Going from Rochester to  Orlando, there were few surprises. Charlotte was most surprised by how many people she met and how close she got to those people.

“We became best friends. I’m actually going to visit two of my friends for the 4th of July. When you’re with someone every day of the week for fourth months, you become attached.”


As a Welcome Center Attendant, Charlotte learned customer service skills and how to stay positive, which helped prepare her for her time at Disney.

Charlotte plans to graduate in April of 2015. She made a YouTube with photos and clips from her time at Disney. You can watch it here.

Her final thoughts on the experience?

“What made it was the people I was with. You don’t do it for the money or the college credit. You do it for the experience and the people. It was an adventure of a lifetime. It didn’t kill the magic. It just made me love Disney more.”





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