Rec Center Etiquette

Whether you’re lifting weights, running on the treadmill or taking one of our awesome group exercise classes, the Rec Center is a great place to exercise and make strides towards achieving your fitness goals.

To make sure you have the most enjoyable workout possible (and that you aren’t taking away from anyone else’s workout), I put together a list of five Rec etiquette tips for you to keep in mind next time you’re here.


1. Dress Code

Rachel Rosenbloom from wrote an article about gym etiquette. In it, she talks about dress code. She says: “My rule of thumb? If I wouldn’t wear it in front of my parents,  I wouldn’t wear it to the gym.”

I think that’s brilliant. At the Rec, athletic tops and tank tops are allowed. Sorry ladies; this means you cannot wear just a sports bra. And men, this means you must wear a shirt at all times.

With those athletic tops and tanks, you must wear athletic bottoms. No jeans, cargo shorts, or carpenter-style  pants or shorts that can tear padding on equipment.

As much as I want to live by the saying, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” I don’t think that’s really appropriate for the gym. Wear appropriate clothing so you aren’t distracting  to those around you.


2. Cleanliness is Key.

Let’s be real for a second – you have no idea who used the treadmill before you. That person may be coming down with a cold or flu. So be courteous and remember to wipe down the machines once you’re  done.

Remember to put any equipment you use back where it belongs. You’d be surprised how much this helps to keep the Rec looking tidy!


3. Ask for Help

I think I can speak for everyone at the Rec – we don’t want you to get hurt. Never be afraid to ask the Fitness Center Attendant how to properly use a piece of equipment. If you’re in a group exercise class and you can’t quite figure out how to do a certain movement, ask! Honestly, you will thank yourself later because when you do exercises correctly, you will benefit from it.


4. Group Exercise Class Rules

We have so many wonderful group exercise classes. A full scheduled can be found here.

I am a HUGE advocate for the group exercise classes here. The classes are a great way to exercise and work towards your fitness goals with like-minded people. These classes are fun, but there is a proper way to behave in class!

Follow the instructor. You may think you know what’s going on, but you will get more out of watching and listening.  If you’ve never been to the class, pick a spot towards the back of the room so you can learn from other students. Finally, if you have to leave early, let the instructor know and pick a spot near the door to stand so you won’t distract other students when you leave.


5. Actually Exercise

Exercising can be really fulfilling and rewarding if you do it with a friend but realize that if you are just standing around talking instead of exercising, you could be distracting others. Save the intense gossiping for dinner later.

Take advantage of the awesome facility we have at Oakland University. By no means am I telling you that you can’t talk when you’re exercising or that you can’t have a workout buddy, but be considerate to those around you.


Hopefully these five tips come in handy for you next time you’re at the Rec. Do you have any more tips that you think should be added to this list?


Share them in the comment section below!


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