Employee Spotlight: Tori Hoard


Job at the Rec: Fitness Assistant

Major: Health Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy and a minor in Exercise Science


What do you do as the Recreation Leadership Council (RLC) Philanthropy Committee Chair?

“My goal for Philanthropy Chair is  to do one major event per semester to give back to the community.”


What is Relay for Life?

“Relay for Life is an event put on by the American Cancer Society. It is a 24 hour walk for cancer awareness, to honor those who are battling cancer, and to remember those lost to cancer. Those involved do a ton of fundraising that is donated to cancer research. Each year, the American Cancer Society donates about $1 million to cancer research.”


How did it go this year?

“Relay for Life went exceptionally well! It was a ton of fun and we had a great turn out. Overall the team made about $800.00. I am so proud of all the work the group did and how it all turned out especially for our first time doing it.”


Why did you choose to work with Relay for Life?

“There are so many people who have been affected by cancer in one way or another. I personally know many people who have lost and survived their battle with cancer. Relay for Life is a great way to show support for those individuals and to get behind a great cause.”


Will you be participating again next year?

“I would love to do it all again! I don’t know where I will be within the next year after graduation and all so it will depend on that. I do plan on passing down all I have learned to the next Philanthropy Chair.”


Biggest takeaway from the experience?

“I learned a ton about networking and sponsorship. It becomes a big part with event like Relay for Life. Other than that I think we all learned the endless possibilities there are for fundraising and site decoration.”




Tori, along with some other RLC members, attended the event representing the Rec Center:
Christina Lusczak – RLC Vice President, Dakota Gordon – RLC Treasurer, Caroline Kessler – RLC Employee Recognition, Vince Seelbach, Kelsey Martin, Brant Gigliotti, Chelsea Dean (former Professional Development Chair)
The Rec Center was able to donate $250 towards the cause.



What is your favorite part about working at the Rec?

“My favorite parts about working at the Rec are my co-workers and the opportunity to help patrons with their fitness goals.”


What are your favorite Rec activities?

“I have been pretty involved with the Rec in my 4 years here. I think we have a lot of things to offer with our Group Exercise classes, other services to help people achieve their fitness goals, and our student organization RLC (Recreation Leadership Council).”


What skills have you learned while working at the Rec that will help you with future endeavors?

“I have learned how to work with multiple types of people and conduct myself in a professional manner while doing so.”


What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?

“I don’t think I ever really thought about what I wanted to be at that age. I am pretty sure I was just happy doing whatever I was doing at the time. If I ever did think about it, I was probably still dreaming about being a singer / musician, even though I can’t sing or play an instrument.”


What are you most looking forward to this summer?

“Camping, hanging out with friends, just not having anything specific to do and having time to enjoy life.”


Fun fact about yourself:

“I probably get more enjoyment out of the little things in life than anyone you will ever meet, and I consistently think of good quotes that I can pass on to anyone who will listen!”


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