Carline Award Recipient: Jermaine Jones

The Carline Award was started three years ago by a former Rec Center employee, Chris Carline, who really felt that he learned a lot during his time with the department and wanted to give back to student employees.  He appreciated the fact that his parents contributed to his education and his road was perhaps easier than some other student employees. Chris then decided to create a scholarship of $500 for a returning student employee of group of student employees, each year for professional development or to fund materials for their own project(s).

This year, Chris awarded a portion of the scholarship to three (3) impressive Rec Center Student employees – Kelsey Fettig, Benjamin Varnhagen, and Jermaine Jones. Kelsey and Ben applied for the scholarship in order to fund a conference registration. They presented about student staff retention techniques, based on new initiatives they helped carry out as intramural sports supervisors. They presented to a room of 70-80 campus recreation students and professionals from over 5 states and Canada. Jermaine Jones, a senior pursuing a degree in Integrative Studies and Wellness, Health Promotion, and Injury Prevention, was awarded the money to fund materials for a project he was passionate about.

Jones  put together a workshop to educate children ages 4-6 on exercise and nutrition over two days at Lowry Center in Pawley Hall on campus.

Jermaine 3

We asked Jones about each day of the program.

Day 1: “We focused on exercise. Each participant shared their reason why it’s important to exercise. I must say the teachers at the Lowry Center are doing a great job because the children had a good knowledge on exercise and nutrition. Campus Recreation Yoga Instructor Megan Gougeon led the children in animal pose yoga which is designed for kids. The kids enjoyed posing as animals. After yoga we ran a number of relay races to get the kids moving.”

Jermaine 1

Day 2: “Day two was designed to teach the children why it’s important to have a healthy diet.  I was joined by Kelsey Martin another student employee of Campus Recreation (Welcome Center).  We discussed the importance of eating different fruits and vegetables. The main activity for day two was a food tasting event for the children to try different fruits and vegetables such as kiwi, mango, pear, carrots and lemons. I was excited to hear a kid tell her mother she tried kiwi for the first time today and loved it.”

Jones was motivated to create such a program because he took a human nutrition course with Professor Lucarelli. As a part of the course, the class watched a film on how a child’s poor diet can affect their health and  academic performance.

“After watching the film, I was motivated  to share my knowledge in exercise and nutrition with our future leaders,” said Jones.

We asked Jones what is next for him.

“I’m on course to graduate next spring. I plan to continue my program this fall or winter with either 5th or 6th graders.”

We are proud  to say that Jermaine Jones is one of the many talented, passionate student employees at the Rec Center. We can’t wait to see the wonderful things he goes on to do!

Jermaine 4 Jermaine 8


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