RECAP: MIRSA Strategic Planning Meeting

This past Monday, June 2, the Michigan Intramural Recreational Sports Association (MIRSA) held a strategic planning meeting at the Central Michigan University Student Activity Center. The meeting was held to engage MIRSA members by collectively learning more about our state’s association and brainstorming ideas for MIRSA’s future.

Professionals, graduate assistants, and students working in campus recreation from universities all across the state of Michigan attended the meeting. Representatives from from Oakland University, University of Michigan, Michigan State, Central Michigan, Grand Valley State University, and Wayne State were in attendance.

photo (9)

We’re proud to say that our very own Student Development Coordinator Marie VanBuskirk serves as an E-Board Secretary for MIRSA and IM/Club Sport Graduate Assistant Sarah DiStefano serves as MIRSA State Student Representative.

Stan Shingles, CMU’s Assistant VP of University Recreation, Events, and Conferences kicked off the meeting with information about NIRSA’s (National Intramural Recreational Sports Association) mission, vision, and values.

After Shingles spoke,  MIRSA members discussed NIRSA’s strategic values and how recreation centers in the state of Michigan can relate and align with the national association. Along with that, members in attendance began to brainstorm key elements for a mission, vision, and values for MIRSA.

Key questions that were addressed at the meeting include:

  • What do you want out of your MIRSA membership and how can we create value for our members?
  • What would engage members to actively serve on a MIRSA committee?
  • What does “recreation” mean and how does that effect who we include when collaborating?

By bringing together professionals, graduate assistants, and students from a variety of Michigan universities, ideas started to form. Attendees discussed creating special webinars, organizing outside volunteer opportunities, and creating a dedicated MIRSA blog that features all the incredible things MIRSA members are doing.

Nothing has been completely set in stone, but the meeting allowed MIRSA members to see the bright future ahead for the association. DiStefano said, “There was great discussion and feedback at the Strategic Planning meeting. We were able to start making some small changes and hope to continue moving forward as we head into the Workshop!”.

All of the ideas from the strategic planning meeting will be sent out to all MIRSA members soon, so everyone is aware of what was worked on at the meeting!

Learn more about MIRSA onFacebookTwitter, or their website.

photo (10)

Interesting fact: This clock was actually made by one of the prisoners in a state penitentiary when the prisons were active MIRSA members! It now hangs in the NIRSA room of CMU’s rec center. At the meeting, attendees were definitely trying to “bridge the gap” between MIRSA past, present and future!


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