Flag Rugby Showdown Found to be a Success

Three clubs came together this past Sunday for the Flag Rugby Showdown on Sunday, April 13th. The men’s and women’s rugby clubs, along with the newly formed Winter Guard Club, came to support the rugby culture and have some fun.

Both of the rugby teams formed a three-teamed sevens tournament with each team having their own personalities and costumes.The Winter Guard Club performed halfway through the event and stayed to support the rugby clubs.

The teams were The Pokemon, The Wizards, and The Superheroes. Each team had a female representative to be their captain and each team, in order to score more points, had to make sure at least one of the three to four women scored in each half of the game.

The first game pitted The Superheroes against The Pokemon, with The Pokemon team winning. In the second game, The Superheroes went up against The Wizards, which ended in a tie of 2 and 2.

The Winter Guard Club performed in between the 2nd and final game of the day, The Pokemon against The Wizards.

Winterguard performing to “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons


When the final game went into overtime, it was decided that the next score would win and could only be done by a female player. The game continued into double overtime without any tries (scores), when The Wizards found themselves backed into their 22 meter zone (very close to the area where the opposing team could score).

I (played scrum-half, or the guy who pulls the ball) skipped the ball passed one of the men’s players into the hands of the women’s club president, Marie Burchi, who ran it up the field. She passed it to Morgan Shaw-Andrande, who continued up the field past the 50 meter line. Morgan  passed it to Brianna Morgan within the opposing 22 meter and finally scored the winning try for The Wizards.

“This event was designed to support team dynamic and inclusiveness, and The Wizards won because they supported each other throughout the whole tournament,” says Devon Meadows. Meadows helped organize the event and is also a player for the men’s team that played for The Wizards team.

“Everyone seemed to have a really good time and it was a great chance to come together during our non-competitive season to have some fun,” says Meadows.

“We hope to do this again next spring and have more in-between activities to get the teams and crowd involved with each other.”

This year, we had about 15 spectators. Next year, we hope to boost the numbers with promotion so that we can gain more support for the sport and also show people that there is more to rugby than hitting each other without pads.

Most of the playing members come for a group photo with Winter Guard at the end of the day.

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