Figure Skating Club Looks to Recruit Men and Women

The Figure Skating Club found themselves just one spot shy of making it to nationals this year.

“Only the top three teams make it to nationals every year and we were placed in fourth,” says Rachel Umanskiy, president of the Figure Skating Club.

The club performed in three competitions which determined their overall place and if they were eligible to move onto nationals. The competitions were: Western Michigan University (4th place), University of Michigan (4th place), and University of Wisconsin (5th place). 

With a current roster of 15 members, Figure Skating is looking to recruit 20 more. They are looking for both men and women to fill their team and 20 is the key number “because the only teams that win competitions and get to nationals have more than 20 members,” says Umanskiy.

According to the intercollegiate rule book, each team is allowed 32 starts, which is technically 32 events. So, our primary goal is to fill all of those 32 starts because that’s the only way we will be competitive against the other teams who are scoring higher than us, ” says Umanskiy.

Figure Skating primarily recruits by going to high school competitions. “Our only requirement is that the person has to be able to skate. We can teach them how to jump and spin, ” says Umanskiy. 

We are always looking for new members, so even if it is in the middle of the season, we will take them,” continues Umanskiy. There are no official tryouts for the club. All an interested person needs to do is come to practice and get involved!

The club as a whole only practices once a week  in the ONYX Ice Arena on Tuesdays at 6:00 a.m. The rest of the members tend to have an additional coach which gives them another 3 to 5 hours of practice each week, however, an additional coach is not required to be on the team.

For more information about the Figure Skating Club in the upcoming year you can email Rachel at or shoot them a message at their Facebook page.



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