Men’s and Women’s Teams Bring Rugby Culture to Oakland


On April 13th, the men’s and women’s club rugby teams will be hosting a sevens flag rugby tournament. Players will be divided into three co-ed teams made from both of Oakland’s rugby teams.

“We’re coming together as a community of rugby players, having a good time and sharing the love for the sport,” says Olivia Miller, sophomore and first year player to the women’s rugby club.

The idea of this event is to give people a peek into the culture that is associated with the sport of rugby. With rugby, it is expected for players to play as hard as possible during the match. After the match is a time for celebration of the sport with the opposing team.

This tournament brings the celebration to the field to show that rugby isn’t all about hurting one another and playing in the mud. It is about the community that is built among rugby players and how the sport can bring people together.

The teams formed from each rugby club are expected to come up with a team identity  and bond by coming up with costumes to play in.

Some team identity ideas that have been floating around include Flow Masters, Wizards, and Spartans among others.

Sevens rugby is very similar to the traditional 15’s rugby (or Rugby Union) that is played by both the men’s and women’s teams in the Fall and Spring except the number of players is reduced to just seven.

To keep up with the real pace of rugby while maintaining safety between all players, when the person with the ball gets their flag pulled, the flag puller and the previous ball carrier will set the ball between them while the referee calls “crouch, bind, set”, a cadence primarily reserved for what is called a “scrum” in other forms of rugby. The two individuals will then fight for the ball after completing the cadence. In the case of this event, the ball must be won for three seconds or out from underneath both players in order for the ball to be put back into play.

This event will have the fighting for the ball after a pulled flag (rucking for the ball) and sevens style scrums. Scrums happen when there is a certain infraction of play such as a forward pass or the ball gets knocked forward by a player.

Come support Oakland Rugby this Sunday, April 13th from 1 to 5:30 pm! There will also be a 50/50 raffle prior to the 3:00 pm kickoff.

The event can be found on Facebook here and if you want more information about each club visit their Facebook Fan Page!


A scrum as traditionally performed in Rugby Sevens


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