Women’s Lacrosse Unchallenged



The women’s lacrosse team at Oakland University has dominated their competitive season this spring placing first in the North Conference of the Division II Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse League.

“When we won our conference on March 15th, we beat out University of Michigan -Flint, Eastern Michigan, Saginaw Valley State, Wayne State, and Grand Valley State,” says Ronnie Booth, Women’s Lacrosse president.

The team competes in the Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse League’s North Division and is placed in Division II based on Oakland’s school size. Oakland has won their conference for the past six years and shows great potential in moving up a division.

“If Oakland got a little bit bigger and we moved up to Division I, we would probably bump out one of the less competitive Division I schools,”  says Ronnie.

Oakland not only has conference tournaments and regional games against teams within their own division, but they compete in what is called “crossover games”. These are games where a team plays against another team in a different division.

“Our biggest rivals would be University of Michigan, Central Michigan, and Michigan State. They’re all Division I teams, but we have never lost to Central or Michigan State,” says Ronnie. “We have Michigan State and Central always following us because we always beat them, but we’re always following University of Michigan because we have never beaten them.”

Women’s Lacrosse hosts their last home game against Central Michigan on Friday, April 11th at Detroit Country Day. For more details, look for their event on their Facebook page.

On Easter weekend, the team looks to go to their conference championship tournament to win an automatic bid into nationals. Best of luck to you, ladies!



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