New Club Embraces Meditation and Mindfulness


A fresh club has sprung up on campus and they want you to join them! Happyou Happyme of Oakland University is the place to be if you are interested in learning to be happier, more focused, and less stressed. The club describes themselves as “A group dedicated to using meditation and mindfulness in a search for balance of body, mind and spirit through creating and sharing happiness” on their Facebook page. That sounds pretty great doesn’t it?

One of the coolest things about Happyou Happyme is that one of its founding members is the Rec’s own Welcome Center Attendant and Street Team member Emma Spak. She, along with Yoga instructor Tony Bittick, and E-board members Natalee Baetens, Kyle McCallum and Taylor James, are dedicated to bringing happiness and wellness into the lives of the OU community.

Happyou Happyme is determined to help those who attend its meetings to find balance of the body, mind and spirit through open discussion. But this isn’t a group therapy session. Instead, the club offers an opportunity to learn how to live positively, while also learning to help others live positively.

Tony, who leads Yoga classes at the Rec, had the idea to start a club after speaking occasionally on campus about the more mental and emotional side of Yoga practice. Realizing there was a need for more regular discussions regarding the topic, Tony came to Emma to start an on-campus club dedicated to teaching the concepts of meditation, mindfulness and karma.

In the future, the club hopes to extend its reach to the off-campus community and onto the web. Until then, check out one of the group’s meetings here at the Recreation Center Wellness Classroom on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm. Everyone is welcome; there’s no need to be an expert Yogi to be at peace like one.

And don’t forget to pair your mental health with some physical health at a Yoga class with Tony or our other great instructors. Take a look at the Group Ex schedule here!


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