Top Ranking DIII Hockey Looks to Nationals


Four years of hard work, restructuring, practice, and dedication has brought OU’s DIII Hockey team to the top of their division. They’ve earned an automatic bid to the American Collegiate Hockey Association’s National Tournament held in Coral Springs, Florida.

In the American Collegiate Hockey Association, there are four divisions: North, South, Pacific, and Atlantic. OU DIII Hockey is in the North region and is currently ranked #1. “The top 2 ranked teams get to go automatically to nationals,” says Jacob Harlick, President of the DIII Hockey Club.

“We spend almost eight hours each week with the team. Four of which is on the ice and the rest is with workouts, meetings, and film screening,” says Harlick.

“Originally film screening wasn’t even a thought before with the club, but after our captains and assistant captains kept going to the coaches telling them we want this, they started implementing it and we’ve been getting better since.”

OU’s DIII Hockey goes off to nationals March 11th. Good luck, Grizzlies!

Check out the DIII Hockey website here and like their Facebook page.


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