Member Spotlight: James Buzzo

February is Membership Appreciation Month at the Rec Center! To celebrate, we’re featuring some of our most dedicated patrons here on the blog. Thank you to all of our members, and good luck with your health and wellness goals!


James Buzzo

Health Science major with a concentration in Exercise Science

How did you first hear about the Rec Center?

On the day of my Freshmen Orientation our tour guide kept mentioning how nice the Recreation Center was, and then later in the day we finally were able to go inside and browse around.

What keeps you coming back?

Numerous aspects of the Rec Center keep me coming back. The weight room is very clean and organized, and the fitness attendants are all super awesome and are always happy to answer any questions. Intramurals are a good way to just have some fun. The thing I enjoy most about the Rec is that it is a one stop spot to: eat, do some studying and then relieve the stress from studying in the weight room or on the basketball courts.

 What are your favorite activities to do at the Rec?

My favorite activities in the Rec Center are weightlifting, Basketball, Intramurals.

What three words would you use to describe the Rec Center or your experience there?

Stressless, Invigorating and Fun

What are your fitness goals this year?

I don’t really have any numerical goals, but this semester I have been and will be continuing to eat the cleanest diet I can (Cafeteria permitting), and push myself to the limit in the weight room and just see what happens.

What is the #1 tip you would give to a new Rec Center member to achieve his or her fitness goals or get involved in Campus Rec?

My number one tip to a new Rec Center member would be to not close yourself out and let people help you achieve your goals. I feel like a lot of new gym members will go to the gym and be nervous because there are all these big guys or fit girls doing exercises that can be intimidating. If a new member were to let the resources of the Rec Center, ex. fitness attendants, personal trainers, fitness tests, group exercise classes or competitions, then I think the burden of reaching and maintaining fitness goals can be turned into something enjoyable and stress-relieving.


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