Water Polo Club Participation Surges, Will Host First Scrimmage

Water Polo is one of the fastest growing clubs here at Oakland. This past Fall, they reached a maximum of nearly 60 members.

“We at one point needed to turn some people away from participating in Water Polo because there wasn’t enough pool space,” says Vice President Brittany Lang. “But eventually when it comes down to getting in the pool and actually participating in the sport, it tends to weed out people who don’t expect this to be a tough sport.”

Water Polo now operates with a two-sided team which fills around 30 members.

The Water Polo team also competes on a wide variety of levels ranging from smaller club teams, to Division I schools like the University of Michigan, and even Master Teams which consists of semi-professional players. Water Polo has hopes of joining the Collegiate Water Polo Association or CWPA  in the Fall of 2014 to give them more game and tournament schedule structure.

Water Polo is hosting a Black and Gold Scrimmage on Sunday, February 9th from 10:00am – 12:00pm, their first competition on campus. After being a Club Sport for five years, this is a notable accomplishment. If you love some healthy competition or just want to see what the sport is all about, come by the Rec Center on Sunday. You can find the event on Facebook here and be sure to ‘Like’ their Facebook page here.


Water Polo Club player, Gary Essenmacher. You may have seen him working as a lifeguard at the Rec, too!
(Photo taken from Water Polo Club at Oakland University Facebook page)


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