New clubs pop up in the new year

Women’s Rugby, Nachale Dance, and Winterguard start their first year of being a Club Sport this Winter. What are each of these clubs going to do in this year? With 22 other Club Sports being offered at OU, it seems like a difficult task to stand among the rest.

Nachale or Bollywood Dance is a style of dance that originated in India and is performed by both men and women. It was brought to Oakland University in the Fall of 2012 by Nandini Wahi. Nachale had been a student organization for over a year before its move to Club Sports. Having performed at events like “A Fashion Affair In Hollywood”, “Ek Desi Raat”, and “Multicultural Dance Night”, Nachale has been growing its presence on campus and looks to continue that growth.

Nachale hopes to fill most of its time in 2014 with performances on campus and eventually go on to compete against other schools. If you are interested in more information about Nachale or how to join, email Nandini at or go to their Facebook page found here.

Women’s Rugby, a club that had started from under the wing of the Men’s Rugby club, is now an official Club Sport. For those who don’t know much about rugby, it is a sport that can be played with 15 or 7 players on a field depending on the time of year with each player being assigned a specific position. Each position has a body type associated with it.

“It’s funny,” says Marie Burchi, President of the Women’s Rugby Club. “We get all different types of girls.  Girly girls, burly girls, tall girls; there is a uniqueness in this sport with the types of people that play.”

“This sport brings in all types and sizes of people, you wouldn’t imagine knowing these people, but rugby connects us,” Burchi says. “What’s really great about rugby is that you don’t have to be playing at a young age to get involved. You are accepted in and people are more than willing to teach you how to play at any level.”

“The game doesn’t change for women, it isn’t light and easy on us. It is an equal game for men and women and if we wanted, we could play with the men at the same level.”

The Women’s Rugby Club hopes to learn more about the game in the spring and get ready for competitions in the summer where they will premier as a Summer Sevens team. Summer Sevens is a form of rugby play where instead of having a full 15-player team, there are only seven players. The game is played with almost the same rules and the same sized field. They also plan on fielding a full 15’s team in the fall and work to play year-round like the men’s club.

When asked about joining the club Burchi says, “People first hear rugby and think it’s brutal. You get to try it and see how strong and how tough you really are. You can do things that you never thought you could do because of rugby.”

Learn more about how to join buy clicking here . Go to the “about” section and ask to join the Women’s Rugby Facebook group page.

Winterguard is the newest of the clubs having formed late in the Fall of 2013. Winterguard is characterized as choreographed dance which incorporates equipment like flags, wooden rifles, and sabers.

Winterguard is primarily performed inside for competitions, but the club wishes to also perform outside at other club sports events in the Fall of 2014.

“Winterguard is a great way to meet people,” says Brooke Rogers, a freshman here at Oakland . She is helping President Laura Coan in starting the club. “We expect to be able to perform at the end of the Spring,” says Coan.

Winterguard is growing rapidly, but still welcomes more members. If you are interested, contact Laura Coan at or attend the general meeting on February 5th in the Library Room 224 at 7pm at Kresge Library.


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