Employee Spotlight – Trevor Frazen


Service Desk Attendant

Major: Industrial Engineering

Favorite part about working at the Rec:

Trevor loves that his job is conviently-located on campus. He also appreciates his fellow employees and the professional staff who are always available to help. Trevor also likes that he always feels well-prepared to do his job.

Favorite Rec activities:

 Trevor takes advantages of the breaks he has between class and work by getting his work-out on in the Fitness Center. Great use of time management, Trevor!


Skills learned while working at the Rec that will help with future endeavors:

 By working at the Rec, Trevor has learned how to put the customer first and how to give patrons the best service possible (hence the “Service Desk Attendant” title).

Fun fact:

Trevor is a tennis champ! He was the captain of his high school team…may I suggest intramural tennis?


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