Women’s Lacrosse Club Continues its Success

You could say the OU Women’s Lacrosse Club is like the Detroit Red Wings of Oakland club sports. Winning is engrained in their program. They’ve won their conference five years in a row and made the WCLA (Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association) Club National Tournament four consecutive years.

The club has two active sessions throughout the year. The first is their “fall ball” season. Fall ball prepares the team for their competition season in the winter/spring which is their main season. The girl’s competitive season runs January till May. They are a self-funded club paid for through fundraising and monthly payments from each member of the team.

During the Fall, the team practices three nights a week  out of Evolution Sportsplex in Pontiac.

“Our games in the fall consist of three to four tournament days where we will play up to four games in one day,” said team President Ronnie Booth.

“In the Winter, the majority of our games are on Thursday nights with the exception of a few tournaments and/or weekend games.”

This Fall, the team finished 7-4-1. All four losses came outside of Oakland’s division. Booth says fall ball gave her a good idea as to what kind of team they’ll be working with in the spring.

“In order to prepare for our season beginning in January, we are holding open practices with conditioning, film viewing, and strategizing on Wednesday nights from now until December 4th in the Rec Center from 9 to 11pm. These are free, and open to anyone interested in playing in the spring,” Booth said.

The team has grown over the past year, as it took on seven new girls for the Fall season. Coach Towbey Kassa encourages new people to tryout and he doesn’t believe in cutting players.

“I’m a coach that doesn’t believe in cutting anyone. I feel like everyone should have an opportunity to play. You’re competing nationally, and you’re representing the university. What better than to have than a lot of people representing and helping each other grow.”

With a team as successful as Oakland’s Women’s Lacrosse Club, every season the bar gets set a little higher. Kassa has set three goals for the Winter/Spring season.

“Our first goal is to win our division. Our second goal is to win the conference. And our third goal is to get to the National Championship.”

The team has gotten to the big dance four years in a row. Unfortunately, they’ve been eliminated by powerhouses like Duke, UNC, and James Madison.

“As long as we win our division, then our conference, I think with this group we’ll be okay. We just have to do the small things,” Kassa said.

“Our girls are talented. The girls I get are from the Metro Detroit area and have come from some good schools, but it all falls down to having the right girl, attitude wise, and them fitting into your system.”

We are excited to see how the competitive season goes. Open tryouts are in January for the Spring season. Anyone interested in playing should email Coach Kassa (oaklandlax@aol.com) or team President Ronnie Booth (rbooth11@hotmail.com)

To learn more about the team, visit their Facebook page here.

They also have a website and an account on Twitter


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