Thinking About A Graduate Assistantship?

Are you interested in graduate school? A graduate assistantship is a great way to gain more experience in your field. If you think you may want to do a graduate assistantship at the Rec, now is the time to prepare! We’ll be hiring new grad assistants after the Winter 2014 semester. Read on for information about two of our veteran grad assistants’ experiences and how to apply for a position at the Rec.

The Experience

Katie Evans (Left) and Sarah Button (Right) at the 2013 NIRSA Region III Student Lead On Conference.

Katie Evans

Wellness/Fitness Graduate Assistant

Currently pursuing: Masters in Training and Development, Organization Development and Leadership

Is it hard to balance grad school with being a graduate assistant?

Katie says working an assistantship and going to grad school is definitely a struggle, but it is do-able. Working in a new environment can be stressful because you have to balance work, school and getting used to new things. With strong time management skills, however, Katie says you will get the most out of the experience.

What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve gotten from working at the Rec?

From her time at OU, Katie has found that the students she works with have so many hidden talents and abilities. She loves being able to bring people out of their shells and finding their hidden strengths so they can take advantage of their abilities.

What is your favorite part of working at the Rec so far?

The best part of working at the Rec for Katie has been the relationships she has built. Whether it’s between undergraduate students, professional staff, her graduate assistant peers, or the people she trains, Katie is thankful for the connections she has made.

Sarah Button

Marketing Graduate Assistant

Currently pursuing: Masters in Training and Development

Why do you think having a grad assistantship is beneficial?

Having a grad assistantship, according to Sarah, is beneficial because it gives you a taste of what a “real job” is like. In addition, Sarah’s experience has opened many doors, and allowed her to learn how to balance a busy life consisting of a full work schedule and a full class schedule.

What have you learned from your experience working at the Rec?

While working at the Rec, Sarah has learned project management skills, which have given her the opportunity to lead teams and oversee projects. In addition, Sarah has learned how to best utilize the skills of the undergrad students who work for her and help them find their talents.

What is the best part of working at the Rec?

From her experience at the Rec Center, Sarah is thankful for the numerous relationships she has built. She is also grateful to have had the experience of witnessing students grow personally and professionally from the time they started working at the Rec to the present time.

How to Apply

Inspired by Sarah and Katie’s experiences? Though we’re sad to see Sarah and Katie go, we’re looking to fill their positions after Winter 2014. Apply sooner rather than later!

Contact information:

Marketing G.A. Contact: Maura Selahowski at or (248) 370-4884

Fitness G.A. Contact: Rachelle Winkler at or (248) 370-4911

Click here and click on the tab that says “Graduate Assistantship” for more information.


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