Thanksgiving Workout

Contrary to what you hear, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and not worrying about the copious amounts of food available to you. It’s a holiday where family and friends gather around a big ole’ turkey and enjoy the company of others, the blessing of the harvest, and of the preceding year.

The whole day is spent stuffing stuffing, roasting corn, baking pies, and basting the turkey. Just because the day is busy doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout!

Complete the following workout 3 times through, with little rest in between exercises.

  • 5 push-ups
  • 10 lunges (left)
  • 10 triceps dips
  • 10 lunges (right)
  • 1 minute plank
  • 10 sumo squats
  • 30 second left side plank
  • 30 second right side plank
  • 10 regular squats
  • 5 push-ups

Get the whole family involved; a family who sweats together, stays together!


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