Try the GrizzFit Club for a New Style of Workout

Looking for a new style of working out? Maybe you’re tired of the old-school weight lifting and cardio sessions to which you’ve grown accustomed. Well, Oakland’s GrizzFit Club is guaranteed to give you a workout you won’t soon forget.

The GrizzFit club is a high intensity exercise club that is based on of the newly popular CrossFit workouts. GrizzFit works out at CrossFit Deviate in downtown Rochester, just minutes from campus. The club is active all year round, including  over the summer.

However, there is no collegiate CrossFit association, so there are no CrossFit teams in college. In lieu of there being no relative team sport for college athletes, each gym is called a “box.” The boxes compete with other gyms in the area. Each box hosts competitions on a regular basis.

GrizzFit practices Monday through Thursday at 8:30 and 9:30 pm. For those unfamiliar with Grizzfit workouts and its link to CrossFit, it’s fast paced and intense. You could call it circuit training to the extreme. But instead of isolation exercises like dumbbell curls and triceps extensions, they use full body lifts like the clean and jerk, and overhead squat. They also use dynamic movements like box-jumps and wall-balls for explosive strength, all while moving from one exercise to the next without stopping. It involves strength combined with endurance to keep the heart rate up while performing strength lifts.

GrizzFit photo taken from the club's Facebook page

GrizzFit photo taken from the club’s Facebook page

GrizzFit veteran Megan Zarachowicz is an advocate of CrossFit and the GrizzFit club.

“A friend and I mutually decided that we wanted to tryout CrossFit because we heard a lot about it and we’re both really into working out. We decided to join together and see if we liked it, then ended up getting addicted.”

Working out and tearing down your body is mentally and physically exhausting. It’s like going into battle. With GrizzFit, you all go into battle together and form a chain of support.

“My favorite thing about GrizzFit is the support system when you’re there. They really push you to work your hardest and get PR’s (personal records). They’re always supportive. The coaches are great, they’re extremely helpful and it’s just a really great environment,” Zarachowicz said.

In a “Battle of the Boxes” competition on November 9th, the club placed 27th out of 32 teams. It was a 3 guy – 3 girl open competition with set weights and set moves, where the competition wasn’t scaled, so stronger more experienced teams clearly had an advantage.

December 21st is their next competition, however, it will be an individual competition where the team doesn’t compete as a whole. Zarachowicz has already signed up for it.

“It’s a smaller competition – only 40 people – and since it is individual, it’s capped at that.”

Any amount of exercise is better than no exercise. You have to walk before you can run, so starting now is better than starting never. Fitness changes lives every day for those who stick with it and set goals for themselves.

“I’m probably the strongest I’ve been. GrizzFit has definitely helped me lean up and gain more muscle than what I previously had. I’d honestly say I’m in the best shape I’ve been in because of GrizzFit,” Zarachowicz said.

If you want to join the club, show up Monday – Thursday at 8:30 or 9:30 p.m. Your first session is FREE! If you decide you want to join, it’s $40 a month after that, and you can workout during the GrizzFit hours Mon. – Thurs. @8:30 and 9:30 p.m.

For more information on the GrizzFit club, check out their Facebook page here


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