Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get sick of hearing about “being healthy” on Thanksgiving. Isn’t it practically impossible to “be healthy” when the main point of Thanksgiving is to eat an excessive amount of food (and give thanks)? That’s what I thought, but it turns out there are some easy ways to stay healthy on Thanksgiving that don’t involve giving up your favorite foods.


  1. Drink lots of a water – Water fills you up and prevents you from snacking all day, which leads to the next tip…
  2. Avoid snacking all day – Save your calories for the food you can’t get any other time of the year.
  3. Don’t give up your exercise routine – It’s all too easy to skip your workout between visiting family and friends and traveling, but remember that being active doesn’t always mean sweating it out in the gym. Go for a walk before or after dinner. You could also toss the football around with your cousin who is really good at football, and makes you feel kind of bad that you’re not as good at football. But then you realize that being good at football isn’t really a skill you require, so you just remind yourself you don’t have to be good at everything, and go back inside to hang out with your Grandma…she doesn’t make you play football. Or maybe that’s just me.
  4. Scope out the spread – Instead of blindly taking some or one of everything, examine your choices and then pick just your favorites to enjoy.
  5. Eat breakfast – It may sound strange, but saving up your calories by skipping breakfast can actually cause you to eat more in the long run. According to experts, eating breakfast gives you more control over your appetite, so you can enjoy without overindulging.
  6. Watch your portions – If you keep portions in mind, you don’t have to deprive yourself from any of your favorite foods. Also consider if you’re attending multiple Thanksgiving dinners to pick the better cook and indulge a little at their celebration, while keeping an eye on your choices at the inferior cook’s house.
  7. Eat slowly – This is almost common knowledge now, but it takes time for your brain to realize that you are full. So slow down and avoid that ate-way-too-much feeling.
  8. Focus on the people, not the food – Though Thanksgiving is often thought of as a “food holiday,” remember that the main event of Thanksgiving should be visiting with family and friends and being thankful for those people. The food is just an added bonus. Instead of hanging out by the chips and dip, move around and socialize.

Your Best Bets: Low Fat Thanksgiving Choices

  • White turkey meat
  • Ham
  • Plain vegetables (green beans especially)
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Turkey gravy
  • Pumpkin pie

Stuff(ing…haha) to Avoid

  • Fried turkey
  • Creamed spinach
  • Canned cranberry sauce
  • Corn bread
  • Traditional sausage stuffing

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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