Graduate Assistant Spotlight – Caroline Kessler

Caroline Kessler

Facilities Graduate Assistant


Hometown: Westlake, Ohio

Alma mater: Ashland University

Currently pursuing: Masters in Higher Education

Life Story

What drew her to working at OU:

Caroline has always been interested in completing a Graduate Assistantship as part of her education. While working as an intern at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, her supervisor recommended she apply for an open grad assistant position at OU. How did news of this position get down to North Carolina? It turns out, Caroline’s supervisor knew Greg Jordan, OU Campus Rec’s director.

The best part of her job:

While working at OU Campus Rec, Caroline gets to interact with interesting and hard-working student employees every day. She loves helping them grow and seeing them develop as employees, students and people.

What she wanted to be when she was 10 years old:

As a child, Caroline thought she would become a police officer, but now her career focus is solely on campus recreation. Her ultimate career goal is to become the director of a recreation center. Why is Caroline so passionate about campus recreation? As she says, campus rec provides a great work environment; her job is fun and it doesn’t even feel like work.

Fun Stuff

Fun fact: Caroline has an identical twin!

Song that describes her work ethic: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem

Person she would switch places with for a week: Kerri Walsh because who wouldn’t want to get to play volleyball and be in the Olympics for a living?


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