OU Fit Challenge Results

Burpees, and box jumps, and wall-balls, oh my! Those were some of the exercises in last week’s OU Fit Challenge held at the Rec Center. Competitors battled in a CrossFit style challenge in a  race against the clock to have the fastest time. In the end, there was one male and one female winner crowned Mr. and Ms. Fit OU.

Your 2013 Fall Semester Mr. and Ms. Fit OU are Jimmy Schroader and Jessica Polishuk. Congratulations!

The challenge started in the Activity Center and migrated out into the long hallway adjacent to it. It then proceeded into the Three Court Gym and finally back into the Activity Center.

The competition’s events looked like this:

Wall-balls x 25
Pushups x 20
Burpees to box jumps x 25
Air squats x 30
Sit-ups x 30
Kettlebell swings x 25
500 meter row

Some of you may say, “that doesn’t sound so tough!” However, you  didn’t see the toll it took on the participants!

In last week’s blog previewing the event, Dylan Stewart thought he could handle it without much problem, but someone forgot to tell his body. After finishing with a nice time of 8:47, Stewart said he would do the competition again, and feels good about his time.

“I thought I did well considering I did not stop on any events. It was fun and I liked the event. I was hoping for bigger weights though.”

Dylan Stewart doing wall-balls
Dylan Stewart doing wall-balls

Former Miss Fit OU, Megan Zarachowicz, was disappointed with her time, so she did the competition a second time to try and beat Jessica Polishuk’s time of 8:59. Jessica went on to win the competition with that time.

“My second time was exceptionally better. I went from 10:20 to 9:32. I had the desire to win after seeing how far off my first time was.”

Regarding her failed attempt to repeat as champ, Zarachowicz is disappointed, but not bitter.

“Jessica is someone I actually do CrossFit with and she deserved to win with her time.”

Aaron Leffel doing situps
Aaron Leffel doing situps

In total, 27 people competed in the challenge. Of those 27, 20 were male and 7 were female. Feel like you missed out on the fun? Another OU Fit Challenge is scheduled for March 19 where you can drop in from 7-10pm! However, that challenge will be a little different. It will be an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) competition.

Mark it on your calendar!  You could compete to be the next OU Fit Challenge winner!


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