25 ways to reduce your stress right now

You’re stressed, aren’t you? Wouldn’t you like to relieve that stress? Here are 25 ways to do that right now.

Step back and catch your breath

Stress can come from you not giving yourself to catch up with everything that you’re doing. Information overload can cause you to feel much more stressed that you have to be. Take a moment and catch your breath.

Go for a 20-minute walk

This can help reset your mind and make you think clearer. It can be just what you need when your mind starts to get clouded and you feel bogged down.

Take a nap

Naps are great, aren’t they? They can give us the opportunity to power through the rest of our days when we’re feeling drowsy. They can also help us focus and be productive.


Have a 5-minute dance party

Because why not? Dancing is linked to positive emotion, which is a wonderful thing. Strive to have as many positive moments throughout your day so that you can keep your stress levels at a minimum.

Watch a funny video

YouTube is great for finding funny content that will give you some smiles. Just what you need to reduce stress. Here’s one.

Get a quick workout in

Too many things point to exercise being a great way to reduce your stress. That being said, get yourself into the gym on your lunch break in in between classes. Give your brain a boost.


Writing can be a great outlet for you to get your stresses onto paper. It also helps you organize your thoughts and reflect on your life, both of which can help you feel less stressed.

Read for 30 minutes

Reading takes you away from your own situation and puts you into a different, more appealing one depending on what you’re reading. Give yourself a break and learn in the process.


The health benefits to meditation are extraordinary: less stress, less confusion, clearer thoughts, better decision-making, etc. The list goes on a on. Here are some great resources for meditation: Headspace or UCLA

Play some video games

Video games allow you to refocus and refresh your mind, especially if there is a lot of concentration involved. Play a game for an hour or so. Afterwards, you’ll see your stress levels reduced.

Make a to-do list

Sometimes all it takes is for you to organize what you have to get done. It sounds easy, I know. But when you have a 352038263 things rolling around in your head, you’re going to feel more stressed than you have to be. Write those things down and categorize them in terms of priority.

Take 10 deep breaths; hold them for 5-7 seconds each

The title says it all.

Listen to relaxing music

Music has many profound effects to your mood. Listening to something that relaxes you will give you a chance to chill out and recalibrate your stress levels. Here’s a great site for that: RainyMood

Hug someone for 20 seconds

Who doesn’t love hugs? Find someone that you’re close with and hug them for 20+ seconds. You’ll not only feel less stressed, but you’ll also feel closer to that person.

Build something

Make a bird house. Build a show rack. If you can’t find anything else, take your computer apart and put it back together. That will force you to focus on where things go and how to reassemble it again.

Create something

Brainstorm ideas based off of the world’s problems. Let your creative juices flow out of you; no idea is a bad idea. Not even filling Bear Lake with chocolate and making a slide from the the top of O’Dowd that leads to the lake is a bad idea. (Right?)

Buy a newspaper and rip it up

Sometimes, all you need to do is destroy something. The cool thing about newspapers is that you can get a new one tomorrow. Find one and rip it up, page by page. Feel your stress lift away from you.


Daydreaming leads to positive emotions. Keep thinking about that vacation that you want to take.

Drink a tall glass of water

We all could use more water. Maybe you’re stressed because you’re dehydrated. Fix that problem.

Get a massage

I think you can picture how stress-relieving this activity is.

Call your parents/children

Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to someone who is important to you but also someone that you don’t get to talk to or see very often. Go ahead and make their day while also making yours.

Go for a jog

This is basically going for a walk at a faster pace. The benefits are extraordinary.

Learn to say no

We get stressed when we take on too many things. Saying “no” sometimes can empower us to do things that we currently have to do while also not adding more things on.

Play an instrument

Expressing yourself is a great way to lower your stress levels. Let yourself go and play beautiful music.

Do nothing

Do absolutely, positively nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nothing.


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