Halloween-themed Workout

A popular Crossfit phrase is “AMRAP” or, As Many Rounds as Possible in a set time. This is a great technique if you’re teaching to participants of different fitness levels; they can pace themselves if they’re a beginner or go all-out if they’re more advanced.

This time of the year marks the never-ending candy/sweets/desserts/rich goodies everywhere phase. The only way to even out all of the indulgences is to exercise! There’s no need to deprive ourselves of eating these seasonal favorites, but rather, add in a little more activity throughout the day. Instead of stationing ourselves on a piece of cardio equipment for 30 minutes, let’s add some flavor not only into our tummies, but also into our workouts too:


Workout: AMRAP in 25 minutes

  • 7 Pumpkin Burpees
  • 14 Pumpkin Overhead Walking Lunges (each leg)
  • 21 Pumpkin Swings (similar to Kettlebell swings)
  • 28 Pumpkin Twists (Russian twists)
  • Sprint from the Zombies for .25 mile!
  • 7 Spider Walks (Bear crawls)
  • 14 Dead (Body) Lifts
  • 21 Mummy Curls (Biceps curls)
  • 28 Axe Chops (Wood Choppers) (each side)
  • Sprint from the Zombies for .25 mile!

(All of these exercises can be found on YouTube; just type in the name above in the search box)

How many rounds did you complete? Remember to keep track! Those who keep track have a better chance of progressing, simply because you remember what you did before.

The real question is: do you regret buying that HUGE pumpkin after this workout?


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