Graduate Assistant Spotlight – Julie McDonald

Julie McDonald

Membership Graduate Assistant


Hometown: Newaygo, MI

Alma mater: University of Michigan

Currently pursuing: Masters in Training and Development

Life Story

What drew her to working at OU Campus Rec:

Julie worked in Recreation Sports at U of M and truly enjoyed her experience working in Campus Rec.  So when it came time to find a Graduate Assistantship, Julie turned to a mutual friend she and OU Campus Rec share: Sarah Button, the Marketing Graduate Assistant. From hearing about Button’s positive experience, Julie was inspired to apply for her position; the rest is history!

The best part of her job:

“Working with students,” says Julie. When she worked in Campus Recreation at U of M, there were no grad assistants, so there was no buffer between the student and professional staff. Julie likes being a leader to students because she feels she can relate to them and share the experience of being a student with them.

What she wanted to be when she was 10 years old:

Julie wanted to be an astronaut. Then she found out you had to be an aerospace engineer; with that, she decided to pursue a different (slightly more attainable) career: training people in social media. The popularity of social media is increasing, but a proportion of the work force still feels reluctance toward it; Julie hopes to train these people on how to use social media and why it’s important.

Fun Stuff

Fun fact: Can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute.

Song that describes her work ethic: “Started from the Bottom” by Drake

Person she would switch places with for a week: Hermione Granger because she is, “super smart and knows all the spells and the tricks.”


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